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Just Duckin’ Hunting Chairs will be on Michigan Out of Doors T.V. soon. Come watch Jimmy Gretzinger from Michigan Out of Doors T.V. interview

Tom Kinczkowski owner and inventor of Just Duckin’ Hunting Chairs,

as Tom shows the set up and how our chairs work in the field!


JDHC fun fact!

The average goose will live anywhere between 25 to 30 years old. The longest living Canadian goose is recorded at 42 years old.

JDHC fun fact!

JDHC fun fact of the day!
Goose is actually the term for female geese, male geese are called ganders. A group of geese on land or in water are a gaggle, while in the air they are called a skein.

Fun fact Monday

JDHC fun fact of the day!

A duck’s bill is specialized to help it forage in mud and to strain food from the water. A hard nail at the tip of the bill helps with foraging, and the lamellae, a comb-like structure on the sides of the bill, strains small insects and crustaceans from water.

JDHC Fun facts

All of this continent’s waterfowl can dive, but some species are much better at it than others. The best diver of all waterfowl is the long-tailed duck (formerly known as the oldsquaw). More than 80 of the birds were reportedly caught in fishing nets off Wolfe Island, Lake Ontario, at a depth of 240 feet. The champion diver in the bird world is the emperor penguin, which has been recorded at the incredible depth of 1,770 feet.