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Thanks to Jimmy Gretzinger  of Michigan Out of Doors for making

Just Duckin’ Hunting Chairs shine!

  •    Lightweight
  •    Supports for stability and foot rest
  •    Cushioned seat and backrest
  •     Fast and Easy Setup
  •     Easy to transport
  • Hunting Stool, Duck Hunting, Duck Hunting Gear
    Lightweight, easy setup and comfortable
  • Just Duckin Hunting Chairs gives you a place to sit and lean back while waiting for birds in the marsh. Works great in deep mud. Leg has stable supports to keep you steady and give you a place for your feet. JDHC Sits high to make it easier to  stand and shoot. Cushioned seat and back rest offers both comfort and mobility. We have two seats to choose from.
    9”W x 56”H & 12″W x 56″H
  • From the seat to the end of the shovel is 36”
  • From the seat to the shovel bar is 26″,
  • So you are above the soil 26”            High and dry!
  • Camo patterns: Realtree MAX-5®
  • Made in USA.  Patent number ( US 20140049087 A1 )
    • Shipping to  Alaska, Hawaii and Canada
    • additional charges would need to be applied. 

      9″ Seat $ 109.95 Plus  Tax & Shipping

      12″ Seat $ 119.95 Plus  Tax & Shipping




How our chair works in the field!

                 More Video’s on YouTube, Just Duckin’ Hunting Chairs


Pictures of JDHC


What is the hunting chair made of?

JDHC are made in the U.S.A. with U.S. steel, all joints are welded.

Where can I use the hunting chair?

You can use the JDHC anywhere,  it works the best in flooded corn fields, swamps, muck and soft soil. It’s made for duck hunting in ponds and swamps, but can also be used for fishing, up to 3 feet of water.

How does this work in deep mud?

JDHC, works great in deep muck, you would get stuck before the chair.

What is the weight limits of this product?

JDHC can sit hunters comfortably  up to 330 lbs.

Does the chair come with any accessories?

JDHC LB9 ( little butt ) comes with a 9″ seat but you can get

WB12 (wide butt ) model that has a 12′ seat.

JDHC can add sling clips for your favorite shoulder harness.

JDHC can paint your chair in custom colors.

What is the weight?

JDHC, LB model weighs in at 9 lbs. 8 oz.

WB model weighs in at 10 lbs. 4 oz.

Whats my choice’s ?

We have two chairs to choose from,

M# WB 12 has a 12” diameter seat


M# LB 9” has a 9’ diameter seat.

I’m 200 lbs and Im able to sit on the 9” just fine,

but bigger is always better .

Nothing better then hunting with your best friend!