About Us

Tom Kinczkowski  Inventor-Just Duckin’ Hunting Chairs

How the Just Duckin’ Hunting Chairs got it’s start.

The Just Duckin Hunting Chairs story started in 2008 while duck hunting a small pond in Brighton Michigan.

I was hunting in a swampy pond with a bucket and a gun and the longer I sat the worst my butt felt.  I added a cushion to the bucket but every time I got up to shoot, the bucket fell over and the cushion got wet.  Also the longer I sat the lower the bucket got and the harder it was to get up to shoot.  That night, I decided something had to change, so I made my first Just Duckin Hunting Chair.

The next time I went duck hunting I was amazed at how GREAT my new hunting chair worked, but I found it hard to sit that high up without resting my back. so I decided to add a backrest to the hunting chair.  Now after a long sit on the side of pond, I thought to myself, That is much better. Now I have something.

The nexts weekend a buddy and I went up north duck hunting  and I took two of my new prototype hunting chairs to try out.  After we sat there hunting for a while, my buddy said to me “this hunting chair is awesome, I have never been so comfortable duck hunting, you should make these and sell them”. Just Duckin Hunting Chairs was born.

Now I don’t need to construct or carry in a blind every time I go duck hunting,  I just need some cattails or a flooded corn field and I am hunting. The Just Duckin Hunting Chair works GREAT in rivers, ponds, swamps or flooded corn fields and  the natural blinds will save you lots of time making or constructing a blind out of wood and branches.

Now I can set up in seconds and sit comfortably for hours and so can you.

Enjoy the hunt!

Tom Kinczkowski